Additional SAHF Partner NGO’s in El Salvador

Over the years, we have established partnerships with many US Charities and other organizations that provide grants to support the different NGO’s in El Salvador that are registered as partners with SAHF. 

Donations to support programs and projects on this site will be managed by the Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF), a nonprofit (501c3) in the United States. SAHF's partnership program is a fundraising collaboration between SAHF and its registered partners in El Salvador to support their missions of aiding the less fortunate.

All donations to SAHF are tax-deductible in the United States to the extent permitted by law. SAHF retains final discretion in the use of all donated funds.

As required by law, all assets contributed to funds held by SAHF for its partners in El Salvador, become irrevocable gifts to SAHF, and as a result, legal control and responsibility for such assets rests with SAHF.

Assets contributed to SAHF in the United States” are subject to SAHFs’ variance power. Variance power gives SAHF the authority to modify any restrictions or conditions on the distribution of funds for any specified charitable purpose(s) and/or specified organization(s). In the event that a distribution cannot be made to a specified organization or project, SAHF will select an alternate grantee to receive the funds.