1000s of lives impacted. Terrifying news from El Salvador as the entire country is affected by Julia.

Your support is urgently needed for the people of El Salvador as they face the aftermath of Tropical Storm Julia's devastating rains.
1000s of lives impacted. Terrifying news from El Salvador as the entire country is affected by Julia.


Your support is urgently needed to help deliver food, hygiene products, medicines, water, blankets, and other items to El Salvador to help communities battered by Tropical Storm Julia's devastating rains. Donate Now.

El Salvador and Central America are currently dealing with the effects of Tropical Storm Julia, which has affected thousands of lives, which is why El Salvador needs your help!

We are sympathetic as the West Coast of Florida and the Caribbean were recently hit with major hurricanes that will have substantial consequences for the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Our hearts go out to the affected people, their families, and their friends. We understand the devastation natural disasters create.

Tropical Storm Julia has left devastating amounts of rain on El Salvador, causing tremendous chaos, such as overflowing rivers and landslides. While it was not a major hurricane, this rain and wind are not typical for El Salvador. The storm's effects are still unfolding as of Tuesday, October 11th. The preliminary reports have shown that these devastating rains have affected all of El Salvador, and no state or department has been spared. Some areas most affected by the storm are where SAHF and FUSAL are present, helping support vulnerable communities throughout the year.  

Our in-kind partners are working with SAHF to help us get the supplies to the people who most need them. Our goal is to be able to send several crates and containers of supplies via air and ocean shipments, but these are shipments we did not budget for. Please help us send much-needed help to El Salvador!

In the past, we have asked for your help, and you have been very generous, and we understand that times may be different, but the need in El Salvador has escalated due to recent events.

SAHF has been and will continue to be transparent regarding how the funds are being used. Funds collected for Tropical Storm Julia's relief efforts will help ship aid to El Salvador, and funds will be sent to FUSAL to purchase goods locally.

Our WeAID program has been activated to help vulnerable Salvadorans in this time of need. The WeSUPPORT program continues its work by helping to bring necessary items to El Salvador; the aid will now focus on helping the people recover from the aftermath of the devastating storm. Please donate now. All donations are tax deductions.

As of October 10th, according to Reuters, the death has risen to 25 people between El Salvador and Guatemala. On Tuesday, October 11th, the rain continues to fall and affect normal life classes have been canceled. Reuters continues to report the on-goings and findings as they are released. Click here to read the complete article. ABC reports that El Salvador has declared a state of emergency and opened 80 storm shelters. SAHF and FUSAL will be helping to support some of these shelters with care packages for those who need supplies in El Salvador. Click here to read the full story from ABC.

The video below is from ElSalvador.com. Click to read more about the storm and its effect.

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