Partners in El Salvador

Other non profits in El Salvador that qualify to be a part of our network of beneficiaries can register with us as partner NGOs in El Salvador, so that donors in the United States may make contributions.

Application requisites include, but at are not limited to:

  • Proof of nonprofit status in El Salvador
  • Financial statements
  • Publications pertaining to their work
  • Organization's Board of Director's list
  • SAHF Board of Director's approval

Donate to our partners 

Interested donors in the United States should mail in a check payable to SAHF to:

2050 coral Way, Suite 600 - Miami - Florida  33145 and write the name of the beneficiary organization in the memo line of the check.

Donations can also be made online via credit card account by clicking here.  

Following is a list of Salvadoran organizations which have been approved and are registered with SAHF.


Mission: Provides care to the poorest sectors of the Salvadoran society, helping to meet their needs, so they can opt for a better life and be able to contribute to the development of their environment. In view of this, run productive and lawful service programs, professional and quality oriented ethical principles and values, which allows to project a corporate image nationally and internationally

ASADI- Asociación Salvadoreña de Diabéticos

Mission: To help diabetics with limited resources in El Salvador.

ASAPROSAR-. Asociacion Salvadoreña Pro Salud Rural

Mission: To work with the neediest families in El Salvador to improve their quality of life. ASAPROSAR empowers the poor through health care, youth leadership training, environmental and nutritional education, micro-credit, and community development. Priority is given to children, youth and women in rural and marginalized urban settings.

Asociación Amigos del Lago de Ilopango

Mission: To protect the environment and communities living near the Ilopango lake.

Asociación Barra de Santiago

Mission: Formalize a development project, and ecological tourism in the area of Barra de Santiago and provide a better quality of life to the surrounding communities.

Asociación de Fomento Cultural y Deportivo

Mission: Provides aid to learning centers that promote methods encouraging work and social services

Asociación Manos Amigas

Mission: Provide medical care, nutrition, housing and grant access to potable water in the municipality of San Luis Talpa, La Paz.

Asociación Padre Vito Guarato

Mission: Promote and develop humanitarian works. It is the institution responsible for the maintenance of the Hogar Padre Vito Guarato, home for life to children with severe physical and mental disabilities who were in a state of neglect.

CIDECO- Center for Integral Community Development

Mission: To provide new homes to victims of natural disasters.

Comite de Proyeccion Social El Salvador

Mission:  To promote the integral development of low-income families so they can better the quality of their lives in order to reach well-being.

Escuela Americana - The American School of El Salvador

Mission:  To provide our students with tools, experiences, and challenges that instill moral courage, develop their unique skills, and allow them to reach their full potential in a dynamic world.

FEPADE- Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo

Mission: To aid public education and superior technology in El Salvador.

FUDEM - Centro de Salud Visual 

Mission: To provide underserved communities of rural areas with a clinic centers that provide visual aid, optical procedures and services.

FUJOMA- Fundación Maternal José y María

Mission: To create programs, activities, projects, and actions that reintroduce youth, women, and men in the department of Santa Ana, into the social spectrum in the areas of health, security, education, basic services, infrastructure, recreation, tourism, ecology, and security.

Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir

Mission: Provide comprehensive treatment to all Salvadoran children suffering from cancer, in an environment in which there is a commitment by all members of the foundation to provide optimum quality of service.

Fundación Hermanas Contemplativas

Foundation commissioned to assist retired nuns

Fundación Hogares Providencia

Mission: Protect and rehabilitate homeless children between the ages of five and fifteen so that they can become self-sufficient and productive members of society. 

Fundación Inocencia 

Mission:  Supports integral programs aimed at helping children and teenagers in El Salvador suffering from HIV

Fundacion Frech  Mission: To support and encourage the development of young people in our Salvadoran community through integral education and education in values in order to provide them with better opportunities in the work environment.

Fundación Michaelle Alvarez

Mission: Provides assistance to people diagnosed with chronic illnesses with emphasis on cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Fundación Padre Arrupe

Mission: To provide education to the underprivileged children of El Salvador

Fundación Tamarindo

Mission: To Promote the wellbeing and development of El Tamarindo communities, municipality of Conchagua, La Union

FUSAFE - Fundación de Fomento Educativo

Mission: To develop educational activities for high school and college students that promote long term social development, with programs like ALAMAR, that benefit underserved Salvadorans in the poorest regions of the country.

FUSATE- Fundación Salvadoreña de la Tercera Edad

Mission: To help improve the quality of life of the elderly Salvadorans, with benefit programs and integral assistance by means of the day care center facilities all over the country.

Hogar Adalberto Guirola

Mission: To protect and enhance the well-being of abandoned children of El Salvador.

HOPAC- Hogar de Parálisis Cerebral “Roberto Callejas Montalvo”

Mission: Provide comprehensive and innovative assistance to underserved people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, using updated technology and specialized programs, qualified and committed to improving the quality of life of our beneficiaries, with professionalism and honesty.

MARTE - Museo de Arte Marte- Museo de arte moderno 

Mission: To cooperate with programs and activities that preserve and encourage Salvadoran Art and Art Programs. 

Tin Marín- Museum for Children

Mission: To provide informational and fun education through learning activities at the Tin Marin Museum for Children. 

* Please note that SAHF retains 5% of all cash donations to cover for its administrative costs.