In 2004, an extensive nutrition-based program, Libras de Amor or Pounds of Love, was designed to overcome malnutrition in children under the age of 5 who live in rural El Salvador.  Over the years, our work in healthcare showcased the intense impact nutrition has on a person’s general well-being and progress. Originally the program began in the community of Apaneca where malnutrition rates were as high as 47%.  That percentage has dropped to an overall low of 11% since work began there.  Currently there are 18 communities that are being served and there are 128,132 beneficiary participants.  

Libras de Amor provides beneficiaries the opportunity to have a healthy family achieved through the following Intervention Model:

Libras de Amor aims to benefit entire municipalities by pin-pointing families with children under 5, pregnant women or women likely to become pregnant. 

Teams consist of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, nutritional promoters, agronomists, and entrepreneurial technicians. To understand and assimilate with families better, teams live within assigned communities Monday through Friday.

From the beginning, they trace a baseline that includes detailed data related to the families and their surroundings. This includes medical files, living conditions, basic services obtained or lacking, educational levels, and family incomes. Our teams then develop a personalized, holistic, and sustainable nutrition model per individual.

Results have been extremely encouraging.  After 10 years of work in different the different communities, the levels of malnutrition have dropped significantly in most places. 

To learn more about this program email us at contact@sahf.org.

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