In the event of a natural or human-made disaster, SAHF extends its support and increases efforts to collect in-kind aid in the United States to ship it to El Salvador. Additionally, specific funds are activated to facilitate and increase monetary donations. Donations to the WeAID fund allow for immediate purchases to be made locally for those in need and support the impacted area's economy.

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic and Tropical Storm, the following items were donated to the WeAid program.

*Note some of the items sent to the WeAid program were items donated through the WeSupport (In-Kind) Program other items were purchased with funds from the solidarity fund that becomes available only when emergencies occur.

  • 2 containers of Personal Protective Equipment
  • $216,161.65 Hygiene Products
  • $575,389 Purchased in Personal Protective Equipment
  • 195,000 Liquid IVs
  • 456 Mattresses
  • 77,161 Medical Supplies
  • 2,737,152 Scientifically Developed Nutritional Meals 

To help us continue to support the people who have been affected by natural or human-made disasters in El Salvador Text SALVADOR to 20222 and make a $10 donation*. (Donations can only be made from United States-based cellphone plans).

In 2021, SAHF did not use WeAID funds as there was no emergency to give access to the funds in the accounts. 

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