In 1983, the Salvadoran American Foundation (SAF) was founded in Miami, Florida by Mr. Luis Poma and a group of friends who were concerned about the social issues affecting the less fortunate in El Salvador. Consequently, a sister organization, FUSAL was also formed in-country to be the recipient and distributor of aid being shipped from the United States.

Mr. Luis Poma during SAHF's 1993 gala

Mr.Poma was an invaluable member of the foundation’s growth and vision until his passing in 1996.  Since then, his eldest son Ricardo has led FUSAL as its President and his youngest son, Ernesto has served as SAHF’s Vice President.  The Poma Family continues to be one of SAHF’s most important pillars, as they generously continue to support and carry on with the legacy that was left by Mr. Luis Poma.

Since 1997, Mr. Jose Eduardo Siman, along with the unconditional support of the Siman Family, has served as the Foundation’s  President.  For the last 16 years, he has led SAHF in its growth and has been a constant, and caring ambassador of the Foundation’s mission.

SAHF’s efforts are furthered enhanced by the commitment of the members of the Board, who in many instances have volunteered their time and resources since SAHF’s inception.  Additionally, we are very grateful to our network of caring and generous donors who allow SAHF to further its mission.

In May 2001, to reflect the work being done, the name of the Foundation was changed to Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF).