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The Salvadoran American Foundation (SAF) was founded in Miami,
The Salvadoran American Foundation (SAF) was founded in Miami, Florida, in 1983 by a group of friends, led by Mr. Luis Poma, who were concerned about the social issues affecting El Salvador and its people. In 1985, a sister foundation —FUSAL— was established in El Salvador to receive and distribute aid being shipped from the United States.

Since 1996 —after Mr. Poma's passing— his eldest son, Ricardo, has led FUSAL in El Salvador as its President, and his youngest son, Ernesto, has served as SAHF's Vice President. The Poma family continues to be one of SAHF's biggest supporters. 

In May 2001, the Foundation's name was changed from the Salvadoran American Foundation (SAF) to the Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF) to more accurately reflect its focus on humanitarian aid and development work. 

For the last 24 years, Mr. Jose Eduardo Simán has served as President of SAHF and, together with SAHF's Board of Directors —comprised of a diverse group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and resources— ensures the continuation of SAHF's mission.


We are working towards a future where all citizens of El Salvador can meet their basic human needs.


To enhance the wellbeing of the underserved people in El Salvador through human development programs implemented in partnership with our in-country sister Foundation, FUSAL, and other organizations.


Follow the right path
Shine in every detail
Love for Work:
Accomplish all with passion
Nourish and generate fresh ideas
Though different, 
we are equal
Do a good deed 
each day
Go the extra mile
SAHF is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization Federal Tax ID Number 23-39140 and maintains a policy of fiscal transparency. 

Each year SAHF publishes its financial documents on its website and makes them available to the general public.

SAHF's sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned the highest rating of 4-stars from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator.  

SAHF also upholds apparent conflict of interest and whistleblower policies that enable the Foundation to maintain its financial integrity and reputation for transparency on behalf of its supporters and the general public.

The Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF) administers five human development programs in El Salvador in collaboration with its partner foundation, FUSAL.  



José Eduardo Siman - President
Ernesto Poma - Vice President
William Freund - Treasurer
Magda Lie-Nielsen - Secretary


Guillermo Argumedo
León R. Ávila
Raúl Henríquez
María Nazari
Rene Rodriguez
Daniel Schwartz
Matilde Siman
Julio Villafañe
Enrique Yaffar


Carlos R. Reyes - Executive Director
Loli Sangiovanni - Director of Donor Relations
Carolina Avila - Marketing Manager
Ana G. Dono - Administrative Assistant
Board of Directors

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