In 2015, SAHF initiated a pilot program to teach English to kindergarten and elementary school children at Residencial Libertad's educational complex. This program was started in part with the assistance of a grant from the MoneyGram Foundation. The pilot program tested its format and content in a privately funded public school setting. The program introduced English as a new subject in the school's curriculum and the opportunity for students to continue studying English year to year. The program's methodology provides short-term results and effectively teaches students how to acquire the language gradually and use it in their daily lives.

Students participating in the program receive five hours a week of language instruction to speak, read and write in English.

Since 2017, SAHF has sponsored the English Language program for approximately 1,200 students at Residencial Libertad's educational complex. The program now also provides instruction for high school students and aligns with SAHF's human development mission by believing that learning English can pave the way for more significant opportunities.

Proyecto País is also part of the WeEMPOWER Program and the newest human development program supported by SAHF in the United States and implemented by FUSAL in El Salvador. Its main objective is to build positive communities within peaceful environments.

A critical feature of this program is its team of psychologists who work with individuals on self-esteem, tolerance, and decision making, among others.  
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