Delivering Hope With Reinforce English Solutions

Making a big difference in the lives of many Salvadoran children.
Delivering Hope With Reinforce English Solutions

Starting in March 2021, SAHF and FUSAL began a program in conjunction with Reinforce English Solutions to increase the level of fluency for teachers leading the Bilingual Program that SAHF sponsors. The five teachers who are taking the Reinforce classes teach at the Complejo Escolar Católico "Ricardo Poma" in Residencial Libertad.

While all five of the teachers teach English at different levels, they also have different levels of English. SAHF and FUSAL started to work alongside Reinforce English Solutions and its founder Paulina Lainez in January 2021. The idea was presented to improve the English the students were learning by better supporting them. Over 8 weeks, the teachers have taken the following lessons: How to Think in Another Language, Slang/ Idioms, Translating the Untranslatable, Pronunciations and Enunciation, Over Communication, Persuading People, Productive Disagreements, Debates, Succinct Conversations, Mock Interviews, and Cross-Cultural Interactions.

 The teachers have improved remarkably in their English-speaking abilities and their confidence in their skills. We plan to continue these classes as the teachers can transfer the English and teaching skills into a better learning experience for their students. Now as we enter the last quarter of 2021, we continue to work with Paulina and Reinforce Engish Solutions to not only continue our work with the teachers who teach English in SAHF's Bilingual Program but also see other areas where we can continue to make a difference together, bringing hope to a Salvadoran community.

In 2021, there are a total of 1,007 students enrolled in the Bilingual Program. Within that, 49% are female students, and 51% are male. As the world continues to recover from the Worldwide Pandemic and its effects, we hope that we can impact the lives of many more students. Adults who speak English are likely to have 3x as much income as the average monthly wage of $300.

To support SAHF's Bilingual Program, join our Circle Promise. Join us, make the promise to help change a child's life. With $60, you can help sponsor one child's English Education for a year. 

Thank you for your support.


 A little about Reinforce English Solutions… Reinforce is a company that aims to strengthen the level of English of those working in international business environments. Paulina Lainez began working on her start-up while working on her master's degree in Brussels, Belgium. She currently runs the program virtually. For more information on Reinforce or to speak with Paulina, you can email ask her at

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