Improving Quality Of Life, One Life Saving Medicine at a Time

Read about how CMMB and SAHF helped change Priscila's life!
Improving Quality Of Life, One Life Saving Medicine at a Time

Many Salvadorans suffer from cancer, and one of the common medicines they need for their chemotherapy treatments is FLUOROURACIL. Thanks to our partner Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) and their generous donation of 864 boxes of FLUOROURACIL 50MG.

FUSAL, SAHF's sister foundation, distributed this life-saving medicine to hospitals, clinics, and organizations that assist cancer patients. One of the organizations that received FLUOROURACIL was Gente Ayudando Gente (People Helping People). This association was founded in 2009, and its goal is to provide a better quality of life to Salvadorans who live in vulnerable situations. They announced to their patients that they would be donating this medicine to patients with medical prescriptions. Many cancer patients who could not afford to purchase this treatment on their own or receive donations from public hospitals benefited from this valuable donation.

Other organizations like Fundación Edificando Vidas y Liga contra el Cáncer de El Salvador, benefited from this donation of FLUOROURACIL as well. Organizations such as Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) help cancer patients and their families in emotional, spiritual, physical, and economic ways. In addition to the previously mentioned organizations, the largest national public hospital, Hospital Rosales, received a large donation of FLUOROURACIL. With this donation, many cancer patients who can't afford private medical services may reach out to the hospital and benefit from this medicine for their chemotherapy treatments.

Priscila is a 60-year-old mother who lives with her daughter in San Miguel, El Salvador. She is the breadwinner in her family, supplying her home with food and other necessities. In January 2021, Priscila was diagnosed with gastric cancer, which made her daily life extremely difficult. Priscila visited an oncologist at the Rosales Hospital in San Salvador. She was told that she needed to purchase FLUOROURACIL to undergo chemotherapy treatments. She started researching where to find this medicine, but she soon realized that she didn't have the means to buy it due to her economic situation.

On February 17th, 2021, The Gente Ayudando Gente organization gave Priscila 70 vials of the drug, equivalent to 10 chemotherapy sessions. This significantly impacted Priscila's life. Thanks to this treatment, she was able to undergo surgery to try to eliminate cancer on July 21st, and thankfully, her quality of life has improved dramatically. Priscila is exceptionally grateful to SAHF, FUSAL, and CMMB, for making this life-saving donation possible and giving her quality of life. All things that she had lost hope on when she was first diagnosed.

To learn more about our in-kind partners such as CMMB and others who help us bring great medicines and other life-saving items to El Salvador, click here. We are always looking for new partnerships so please fill out the following form if you wish to be an in-kind partner and help the people of El Salvador, please note there is an approval process.

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